Links to sister sites

Acoustics Records   Secure online ordering of Simon Mayor CDs and instructional material, digital downloads and more. You’ll also find albums with Hilary James, The Mandolinquents and Slim Panatella and the Mellow Virginians.

Mandolinquents   Britain’s first modern mandolin quartet with mandolins of all shapes and sizes, featuring the voice and mandobass(!) of Hilary James. Their infectious fun and off-beat humour influence everything they play, from lively reels to traditional airs, hot swing and ragtime, plus the occasional Chinese or Brazilian tune.   Simon Mayor and Hilary James have written and performed extensively for BBC children’s TV and radio. Find out here about the Musical Mystery Tour series of children’s albums.

Hilary James’ music and art website, including the lyrics to many of the songs featured on her albums.

The Two Sisters   Songs & Chansons from sisters Hilary James and Janet Giraudo.   The weird, wacky and truly wonderful world of guitarist, composer, conductor and gastronome Gerald Garcia.

Links with mandolin interest

Mike Vanden Mandolins, mandolas and mandocellos as used by Simon Mayor, guitars as used by Martin Taylor. This world class mandolin and guitar maker is now online: mouth-watering pictures, detailed constructional information and more.

Wootton Guitars Simon Mayor & Hilary James use these superb guitars. This link goes to Russ Wootton’s own web site.
You can also see pictures on Simon Mayor’s guitar page.

The Mandolin Tuner is a varied and fascinating mandolin blog and resource site run by Greek musician Christos Rizos.

Phil Davidson Master maker of many different stringed instruments including mandolins suitable for pro and intermediate players, 5-string banjos, much more…

Butch Baldassari. Butch’s passing in January 2009 was the loss of one of the most inspirational figures in the mandolin world.

Sue Flower. England’s loss is Australia’s gain! Sue is a world class player now living in Queensland, Australia. She performs regularly in the Sunshine Coast area both as a soloist and with local ensembles as well as being a member of the Queensland Mandolin Orchestra, based in Brisbane. She also teaches.

Matt Norman is a very fine mandolinist playing traditional and classical music. He also teaches.

Ash Mandolins. Hand crafted mandolins made using a combination of traditional methods and modern technology. From stock or to customer order. Also providing acoustic contact microphones, acoustic amps and pre-amps.

BMG The British Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar Federation – BMG exists to promote the performance and education of banjo, mandolin and guitar.

Dave Gregory is a fine builder of mandolins and guitars.

Fylde Guitars. This long-established and highly respected firm make mandolins as well. Contact Roger Bucknall, tel: 01768 891515 is an absorbing UK site. A must for all mandolin enthusiasts.

Fabio Machado is a young, highly talented Portuguese mandolinist. This excellent and extensive site has video clips of Fabio with the Madeira Mandolin Orchestra.

The Lanarkshire Guitar & Mandolin Association (LGMA) go from strength to strength…! This extensive site will give you some idea of how much is happenning in Scotland with the mandolin.

Evans Pughe Strings are specialists in mandolin restoration.

Kai Tonjes instrument builder. Builds flat and (soon) carved mandolin family instruments including the exotically shaped “mandouki” (octave mandolin). Workmanship and sound on examp les we have seen is first rate.

Midland Fretted Orchestra boasts about 22 members. Instruments include classical guitars, mandolins, bass guitar, cello-banjo, rhythm guitars, ukuleles and classical banjos. The group was formed in 2001 by Danielle Saxon Reeves who is a professional classical banjoist. The style is varied and includes classical, folk, blues, popular etc. The group incorporates a wide range of playing capabilities and ages.

Moon Guitars Low volume production of an A style flat top mandolin along with octave mandolin, tenor mandola, bouzouki & cittern. Guitar/bouzouki recently added to this range. Also custom made electro/acoustic model in four different body shapes, with a pin bridge and piezo pick up with an in-line buffer pre amp.
Repairs and refinishes on all types of instruments.

The Acoustic Music Company is based in Brighton, specialising in high quality mandolins and guitars.

The Mandolin Cafe This excellent American site is hosted by Scott and Annie Tichenor. An absorbing place with further links to a myriad of mandolin goodies.

Mandolin Brothers shop on Staten Island is the world mecca for mandolins. has, amongst other things, a gadget which creates loop end mandolin-style strings from ball end strings. Riveting!

Mandozine is exactly what you might think ….

Mandolinking is also exactly what you might think ….

Mandolin Heaven. Composer and performer Bruce Graybill hosts this excellent site.

Marilynn Mair One of the USA’s finest mandolinists. Also information on the World Cafe Orchestra, Enigmatica, Providence Mandolin Orchestra, AmGuSS (American Mandolin & Guitar Summer School) and many more of Marilynn’s projects.

The Fretful Federation is Brighton’s very own mandolin orchestra.

Phil Beer – excellent mandolinist, fiddler, and one half of that intrepid duo ‘Show Of Hands’.

Pegasus cases Tel: 01882 634 256. Excellent fibreglass instrument cases.

The Sydney Mandolins was formed in 1975 by Adrian Hooper, performing classical music from all periods. They have also commissioned, often with the help of the Australia Council, many works from contemporary composers.

Superstrings is Ireland’s only dedicated supplier of instrument Strings and Accessories.

Links to other places of interest

Old Bridge Music run a home page specialising in Irish harp and guitar. Set up by virtuoso players Maire ni Chathasaigh and Chris Newman you should find plenty of interesting snippets and can order their CDs and books direct.

Jake Thackray was the greatest songwriter of the 20th century. Fact! Find out about Jakefest and lots of other Jake news here.

Bridge violins make space age electric and acoustic violins.

Beautiful Jo Records offer a fascinating catalogue of English folk and roots music including albums by fiddler and one time Mandolinquents member Chris Leslie and pianist extraordinaire the late Beryl Marriott.

G7th Capos offer one of the most elegant and effective solutions available for those with only four fingers on the left hand. These do not send the strings out of tune! Highly recommended.

Folk Roots is a monthly magazine (apart from bumper double Jan/Feb issue) with articles, news, reviews and information about world and folk music. Twice a year they have an excellent cover disc.

Leon Hunt is one of the most innovative 5-string banjo players around. Find him also at the Daily Planet’s web site.

Acoustic Magazine is the UK’s first magazine dedicated solely to acoustic guitars and associated stringed and fretted instruments.

Roots Review is a UK based online magazine with constantly updated reviews of CDs and concerts.

The Mike Harding Folk show. Excellent selection of music on this folk based podcast.