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‘Folk, jazz, swing, Grieg, Rimsky-Korsakov, John Clare,
Smetana – funny intros, wit and sparkle from the
eclectic, virtuosic quartet.’
BBC Radio 2

‘Wicked and wonderful’ BBC Radio 3

‘serious musicianship at play… truly uncategorisable:
a bracing alternative to boxed-in listening.’
The Irish Times

‘one of those groups that defy pigeonholing…
effervescent… exotic… comically creepy…
altogether it’s just plain fun.’
The Living Tradition

‘top quality musicianship and accompanying humour…
a find of true class… highly recommended to anyone seeking
a 21st -century example of British wit and skill.’
Musician Magazine

‘underpinning the laugh-a-minute informality was virtuosity
and accomplishment.’    Sheffield Telegraph

‘A stunning acoustic tour de force, played by a quartet
at the top of its game.’    Sing Out!